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Looking to up your heart rate, reduce body fat and improve overall health. Join our Evolution HIIT Boot Camps. Consisting of a warm-up, strength and endurance phase, cardiorespiratory phase, abdominals, and a cool down phase. Beginners and advanced Boot Campers are welcomed. Bring a friend and have some fun.

“Learn from a coach who bench-press 225lbs 28 times”. Darrin Davis

MINDbodyEVOLUTION will perform a body composition assessment that will be entered into a data base that will create a caloric expenditure for you to follow, to help you achieve your goal. You will also be given a healthy food choices list to assist you choosing the proper foods to eat while becoming healthier.

Not sure what food to choose in the grocery store, MINDbodyEVOLUTION will accompany you at you’re desired food store to help make shopping fun and educational. We have learned that most individuals are not sure where to start, taking the first step to having a life of longevity and being what nature has intended us to be is where we Become the Evolution.

High School and college athletes along with becoming faster you can become stronger. Learn the proper techniques of weight lifting, become more explosive with your upper and lower body and increase lean muscle mass.

Ready to become an Evolution. Our one on one personal training will start you on the right path to successfully achieve your goals. We specialize in weight loss, increase lean muscle mass and strength, improve performance and overall health. Our programs are designed specifically to your goals and needs. Your sessions will include a fitness assessment consisting of cardiorespiratory assessment, body composition, and posture and movement assessment. Each will help in the design of your program. Our packages range from 8-24 sessions (2 to 3 times per week) allowing you flexibility as your training progresses.You can contact us for more information.

Small Group Training.

Young athletes, high school athletes, college athletes looking to improve their speed, quickness, and agility, trying to stay one step ahead of the game. Join our hour long session that focuses on speed mechanics, jumping ability, explosiveness, and change of direction.

Sometimes life is hard and it tends to get in the way of our goals. But don’t allow that to stop you from changing your life. Grab a buddy and train for half the price. Enjoy pushing and motivating each other through each session to achieve your goals.


“Learn from a coach who ran a 4.32 at his Pro-day”. Darrin Davis


One on One Personal Training

Evolution Boot Camps