About Us

Mission Statement


Our Mission is to help educate individuals on fitness and wellness, to help “Change the Mind, Master the Body, and Become the Evolution.


Darrin Davis MINDbodyEVOLUTION LLC was created to help individuals change their mind, master their body, and become their own evolution. By changing one’s mind-set about fitness and health, we believe this aids in changing one’s lifestyle for long term success. Once the mind has been changed, you can now focus on mastering your temple which is your body. With mastering your body you will be able to reach new heights and challenge yourself in different exercises and routines that you never even thought you could achieve. Once you’ve put those pieces together you will become your own evolution.

Today “fear to change” is one of society’s biggest issues. At MINDbodyEVOLUTION we want to help you eliminate the “fear to change” and challenge you to become healthier. There is no reason for anyone to suffer because of chronic diseases such as obesity, cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease or even depression. This continues to grow rapidly in the United States, but it can be easily changed by changing our lifestyle and making better healthier choices. To help you once you decide to take that first step towards a healthier you, MINDbodyEVOLUTON will create a customized plan tailored towards your specific goals and needs. No matter what goal you are trying to achieve whether it be weight loss, increase lean muscle mass and strength, improve performance and overall health, MINDbodyEVOLUTION has the right program for you.